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26 mars 2013 2 26 /03 /mars /2013 23:29


1. Finance and Administrative Policy and Procedures

                           That the Finance and Administrative Policy and Procedures be finalized, submitted for approval to the next Executive Committee meeting, but already taken as principles and guidance by the secretariat.

(This resolution is needed to put the Financial Policy again in PCC constitutional

framework. The policy itself remains a work in progress with respect to its details.)

2. Fair iViembership Poricy

               That the membership fee be determined after discussion in this General Assembly, taking into account various factors.

3. Asset Management Unit

               That the Asset Management Unit be recognized and endorsed as an incarne generating mechanism towards ensuring PCC's financial security and operations susta in a bility.

               That the General Assembly receives a report on the prospect of property management and on the prospects of financial investments

4. General Assembly Fund

           That after non-payment of membership fees after 2 consecutive years, member churches lose their right to 50% travel subsidies to the General Assembly. (this is in line with VVCC policies)

           That after non-payment of membership fees after 4 consecutive years, member churches & NCCs lose their right to vote in the General Assembly and discussions about their membership status to start.

            That member churches in relatively good financial conditions are asked to consider voluntarily waiving their rights ta 50% travel subsidy.


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